Travel Journal: Los Angeles in One Day

On group tours you don’t always get as much time as you would like to explore. This was certainly the case for my trip to LA. Here’s how not to do Los Angeles in one day!


Travel Journal: Driving the Big Sur coast

Driving the Big Sur Coast is the stuff of US road trip daydreams. Unfortunately for us we could only stop at the biggest landmark – McWay Falls but there’s plenty more to explore along the Californian Coast.


Travel Journal: Back to San Francisco

This was my second stop in San Francisco so I filled in my sight-seeing gaps with a trip to the Golden Gate Park buffalo and the famous Painted Ladies but did San Francisco woo me over this time? Come find out.


Travel Journal: Yosemite National Park in 8hrs

Yosemite National Park – a place of immense beauty and days and days of hiking trails. So what do you do with just 8 hours to explore! Here’s how I got a taste of the area on my EXTREMELY short visit.


Travel Journal: Emergency Room Antics in Tonopah, Nevada

After leaving the luxury of our hotel behind we head out on a long day of driving but things turn a little more eventful than planned with a trip to an Emergency Room in the town of Tonopah in what seems the middle of nowhere!


Travel Journal: Exploring the Grand Canyon

Exploring the Grand Canyon while ill? Luckily there are plenty of easy routes and shuttle buses to get you through! Here’s where I managed to explore on my day in the Grand Canyon National Park.