Weekend Wanders: Chatelherault Country Park

This weekend we took advantage of some sunny weather to get out and about. We headed to Chatelherault Country Park in South Lanarkshire, a regular day trip for me as a child but somewhere we haven’t visited in a while. We also managed to pick a Sunday which happened to be an Wedding Open Day for the Hunting Lodge itself giving us a chance to nosy inside the fancy stately house sat within the park.

Here’s how we spend our day…
We started off by exploring the inside of the Hunting Lodge which simply oozes elegance with breathtaking ornamental detail throughout. Even without the additional decoration in place for the day’s wedding showcase the interiors are exceptionally grand.

Split into the Banqueting Hall, Duke’s and Duchess Hall each room is filled with amazing detail and craftsmanship that simply does not exist anymore. From paintings and cornice work to chandeliers and furniture the whole building exudes extravagance.

Elegant Interiors of the Hunting Lodge at Chatelherault Park
Elegant Interiors of the Hunting Lodge

Despite Chatelherault Country Park being a staple day out for my family when I was growing up, this is actually the first time I have even seen inside the house and it did not disappoint. (Unless you’re looking for a slightly bigger wedding venue but I feel that is our somewhat niche viewpoint at present).

Hedged Gardens through Chatelherault County Park Hunting Lodge windows
The hedged gardens thought the Hunting Lodge windows

As well as the rarely seen internal treasures, the walled garden with perfectly kept lawn and miniature hedge maze was also open to view and it was clear to see that plenty of families were taking advantage of this.

After a thorough nosy of the Hunting Lodge we turned our attention back to Chatelherault Country Park itself and embarked on our weekend wanders through the ground. Without having much of a plan other than a walk in the sunshine we headed off on the mass of trails.

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After a while we pick the Duke’s Monument as a destination point but for no particular reason other than it appear to be the somewhat flatter option and we looking for a gentle Sunday activity. There are of course many routes to take within Chatelherault so this is an excellent place to explore if you’re in the area and you’ll be sure to find both short walks and longer expeditions depending on your mood.

Empty trails on our wander around Chatelherault Country Park
Empty paths

Turns out despite the being a busy, sunny Sunday, once we headed off on a woodland trail everyone seemed to vanish. We managed to get a nice long walk in with minimal contact with other walkers which is always a bonus.

Our final destination of the Duke’s Monument is actually right on the edge of the park borders but was a nice little spot and a good turning point for the walk.

Dukes Monument can be found on the edge of Chatelherault Country Park
Dukes Monument can be found on the edge of Chatelherault Country Park

The monument is a little hidden in the trees but easily to spot if you stay on the path long enough. It’s definitely worth having a closer look at the Duke’s Monument, with inscriptions, coats of arms and a very well preserved wooden ceiling all worth noting. After a good wander round and taking in the view from the near by scenic point, which was a little overgrown but still a nice spot, we made our way back home, stopping for another look at the Hunting Lodge on the way out.

Sunshine over the Chatelherault Hunting Lodge
Sunshine over the Chatelherault Hunting Lodge

All in all a lovely afternoon spent in Chatelherault Country Park with the added bonus of getting to see the inside of the Hunting Lodge – something we’d certainly recommend if you get the chance. The park also benefits from shorter walks, children’s play areas and a museum as well so plenty to keep most entertained for an afternoon if not a full day if your feeling adventurous.