A little Glasgow Greenery – Maxwell Park

Glasgow is well known for it’s greenspace and most visitors have heard of Kelvingrove Park and Glasgow Green even but there’s plenty more urban greenery on offer throughout the city. Today our trip took us to Glasgow’s Southside to check out Pollokshields Burgh Hall and Maxwell Park.

With both of us working full time we’ve been finding it quite difficult to plan day trips and with so many chores and boring formalities to fit in over our weekend we don’t get much time to escape either. So this week we worked in a quick wander round Maxwell Park while checking out a potential wedding venue next door.

The park is a small one but with lots of nice little features including a lovely avenue through the middle which even in winter gives a pretty view and pleasant walk.

Avenue of trees in Maxwell Park, Glasgow
Maxwell Park tree avenue

Maxwell Park also benefits from a large pond in one corner complete with the usual urban ducks who make a beeline for you on sight. We felt quite guilty about talking to them as we didn’t have anything to feed them. The park also seemed to have a significant number of robins but who were far to fast for me to get a picture of.

Maxwell Park flowerbeds in winter
Flower beds (a little empty in winter)

Though the floral centrepiece of the park was looking a little sad in the winter season, especially on such a soggy day as we visited, there were plenty of signs of spring to be seen.

Spring arriving in Maxwell Park, Glasgow
Spring on its way

Even on the greyest of days there’s still colour to be found in Maxwell Park with an array of crocuses managing to shine through on such a horrid rainy day.

Purple brightening up Maxwell Park in winter
A little colour in the park

Maxwell Park is also home to Pollockshields Burgh Hall which happens to also be on our list of potential venues for our upcoming nuptial next year. The halls themselves are very pretty especially when done up for a reception or wedding ceremony.

Pollokshields Burgh Hall (© Gail Wedding Photography)

Even without the wedding finery the rooms in the Hall are full of lovely touches such as colourful stained glass windows, elaborate wooden paneling and fancy wooden fireplaces so certainly worth a look if you get a chance.

So if you happen to find yourself on this side of the city we’d recommend popping in to the Pollockshields Burgh Hall or having a little wander around the surrounding park. Maybe just aim for a less soggy day.