Weekend Wander: Balloch and Loch Lomond

A rather drizzly day but after a busy week we felt a day outside was much needed. Sunday’s destination? A wander round a little of the Loch Lomond shoreline starting at Balloch.

While we’ve been enjoying some amazing sunshine over the last two weeks here in Scotland we all knew that it couldn’t last forever and so we’re back to typical June weather….rain. No matter, rain is what makes our country such a green one and so we decided to venture out anyway and stretch our legs.

Balloch is quite often described in tourist brochures and adverts as the “gateway to Loch Lomond” and so it is also often one of the busiest towns on the water. It is, however, a perfect spot if you don’t have a car as there is train station right in the centre with easy access from Glasgow. On this occasions we opted to take the car and got an easy parking space right next to the station though on sunny days this would have been a different story.

While many head to the Loch Lomond Shores which has many shops, a bird of prey attraction and a sea life centre, we started off from Balloch town through the marina area and on toward the loch. Despite the busy waterway there is still plenty of wildlife around even in the marina itself and I was excited to spot a little swan family with four cygnets even before we started our walk so I would class it a successful excursion just form that point alone.

Cygnets in the busy marina

While only a very small section of it, our route actually forms part of the John Muir Way as a portion of the second stage running from Balloch to Strathblane. Though one day we hope to take on such a task, something a bit gentler was on the cards for our Sunday afternoon outing. Our route takes us through the woodland area that runs along the waterline which gave us some cover from the rain showers as well as me something to clamber on.

Walking near Balloch and Loch Lomond
Can never resist climbing up stuff

But of course any trip to Loch Lomond is always going to be about the loch itself and the views over the water. While we take trips here fairly regularly it’s always a nice walk and the water can be very different from one day to the next.

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The views over Loch Lomond from our Balloch Walk
The calm before the storm? The views over Loch Lomond from our Balloch Walk

We managed to get a very calm scene during our trip but even on leaving it looked like that was about to change with both a ferry boat and a group of jet skiers setting off from the marina as we passed. While very overcast and the with the occasional shower it was generally a very still day at Loch Lomond. Though Balloch is only a 20 or 30mins walk away it definitely feels much further at the quiet of the shoreline.

Viewing Loch Lomond from Balloch
Contemplating the stillness

We’re hoping that the sunshine will return soon but even on the rainy horrible days there’s always plenty to see and do around Loch Lomond.

Do you have any favourite spots around Loch Lomond?