The Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

We’re excited and honoured to have been nominated for our first blogger award. Our Versatile Blogger Award nomination comes from the lovely ladies over at GirlsWanderlust so a massive thank you to Tamara and Daphne.

So what is the Versatile Blogger Award?

The award is a blogger-to-blogger award in recognition of hard work and excellent writing quality. It also helps you find out a little more about the author with some behind the scenes info and find some new awesome blogs to check out through the next set of nominations.

So the key rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are:
1. If nominated, write and publish a post on your blog thanking and linking back to your nominator.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Nominate seven other bloggers who you think deserve recognition for their work.

You can read Tamara and Daphne’s seven random facts over on GirlsWanderlust. I love that Tamara admits her issues with messiness – I can totally relate to that, and that Daphne collects postcards from her travels which is something I do as well.

What are seven things about the tinberry travels that you might not know:

I’m a bit of a forever student. I went to university straight after school and actually have a Neuroscience degree, I later took a short uni course in Gaelic Language before finding my passion for the environment and undertaking another undergraduate and a Masters degree in conservation. I still joke with Andrew that I’m going to do a PhD.

Just one of several graduations!

I’m really not that into food. It often seems to go hand in hand that all travel bloggers are foodies but sadly I’m just not one of those. I’ll try new things and am pretty easy-osy with food but I could never review a dish or even explain flavours to you. Oh but desserts….now those I can get behind!

We got married in February this year! After 8 years together we finally got round to a wedding. We got married on the banks of Loch Lomond in Argyll and Bute and despite it being a wet and windy day the weather did hold for our photos. (A blog post on our wedding is coming very soon!)

Image courtesy of our lovely photographer Kirsty Winfield

My luck with flights is terrible. I’ve had so many bad flight experiences it’s not funny. Never any disasters but a 9 hour flight next to a screaming child, turbulence so violent I almost threw up, delays and a few dodgy landings have all been part of the fun. Once my entire row was upgraded to First Class…..except me.

Andrew is frightened of butterflies. (Sorry darling, I had to share) I found this out during a walk through butterfly exhibit in Sydney Australia and found it quite hilarious. I’ve never known anyone to be scared of such pretty creatures but apparently he just doesn’t like things that fly at his face.

Bargains are the best. I always hunt around forever to try and find the best deal on everything. Sometime it’s a flight or hotel booking other times it’s literally a £1.50 shower gel I know I can get for £1 if I walk 30 minutes out my way.

Happiest when I can safely reach (or sit on!) the floor

Both of us are terrible swimmers. We try our hardest but it’s not a great result. Andrew is super splashy and I just have no stamina. I almost drowned as a child when I tried to follow my brother around a rock in the sea in Corfu, it was so choppy and I just went straight under and my father had to come save me.

Who’s next? Here are my seven Versatile Blogger Award Nominations

So here are seven lovely new bloggers that I’ll be passing on the honour too. Go check them out and give them some love!

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Daniela form The Lost Romanian 

Rahul of Travel with Rahul 

Thanks again the Daphne and Tamara for my own Versatile Blogger Award nomination. I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out a little more about the tinberry travels and I look forward to seeing some fun facts from my own nominees!

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Winning the Versatile Blogger Award - We're excited and honoured to have received a Versatile Blogger Award. In celebration we're sharing some fun facts! you might not know about us!