the tinberry travels joins Instagram

Well, it might have taken me forever to join the modern world but yes I have finally caved and decided that perhaps a photo-sharing site might be quite useful for a travel blogger.

I’m slowly finding my way and learning all my hashtags and loving being able to find all the best shots from fellow travellers around the world. Instagram is a fantastic source of inspiration for anyone looking for new places to try near or far!

My first ever image is of Yosemite National Park in the US and it turned out to be a popular one and gave me an awesome kick start to joining the instagram community. I have to admit I spent quite a long time debating over what should be my first photo. Whether people really think too much into it but I decided the first thing you post should represent exactly who you are. So I chose this…

It’s one of my favourite photos, of my favourite places and highlights my love of nature and exploring.

The fact my first and then subsequent instagram posts were so well received definitely upped my appreciation of the instagram community. So as I learn the ropes and share some of my travel images please do come find and connect with me.

Don’t worry though I’ll still be all my usual places too. Find me on twitter, facebook, on pinterest and on bloglovin’ but why not come join me over on instagram where the new @tinberrytravels awaits.