Review: Roasters Deli, Glasgow

Glasgow is filled with every kind of eatery you can think of but we like to keep things simple and tend to like our food cheap and cheerful. This weekend we chose to take advantage of a Groupon deal and try out local food stop Roasters Deli in Partick.

We picked a rather overcast Sunday to check out Roasters All Day Breakfast menu and after booking online to take advantage of our deal we headed on down for a brunch time pancake feast before a long walk at Loch Lomond.

The deli itself if rather compact but they have done well to fit so many tables in the little space available in the small unit within the Partick Rail Station and the space feels more cosy than cramped. We joined many other couples also taking advantage of the food on offer so the place was pretty busy Sunday mid-morning.

A lovely waitress offered us a table and explained our deal options before we both decided on a pancake option although there were plenty of other things that looked very tasty too. While Andrew went for a classic bacon and maple syrup option I choose the “healthier” alternative going for blueberry pancakes topped with blueberry compote.

Roasters Bacon and Maple Pancakes
Bacon and Maple syrup pancakes

When our meal arrived it was clear we were not being short changed by using a voucher with very generous portions of three huge pancakes and toppings. The pancakes were excellent and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone but they did manage to defeat us despite how hungry we were on arrival. I think we both ate around one and half pancakes before having to give in and leave the rest as it was simply too much. As an All Day Breakfast option it works well for catering to a main meal but was just too much tastiness for us to handle at once.

Even better though was the option to take the leftovers away. As an environmental tree hugger type I’m all about reducing food waste so the option to have spare food wrapped up to finish later is an excellent additional service I wish more food places offered.

Take away option for leftovers at Roasters Deli
Tasty take home parcels

Our experience at Roasters Deli was top notch, with tasty food, friendly staff and excellent value for money with our voucher but even without would have still been a good price for the meals. We’ll definitely be returning to try other options on the menu. Andrew has his eye on a grilled sandwich and I just want to try one of those milkshakes!

UPDATE: Roasters has now moved to a city centre location at St Vincent Street, Glasgow.