Travel Journal: Our First Night of Our Camping Tour

So, as probably evident from my last post, I wasn’t too impressed with some of the initial impressions of this camp trip and after spending a day with my driver … let just say I need some earplugs.

She has an…interesting personality and uses American schoolgirl phases like “Oh my god shut up”  only adding a lovely f-word in between and in fact actually swears constantly. She can’t understand anyone’s accents so feels the best tactic is to shout “oh my god what” at them twenty times. Not exactly helpful for trying to hold a conversation in the group.

But, despite people problems, we are making travel progress.  From LA we took a few hours drive to Mission Bay, San Diego to sit on the beach for an hour and some lunch. Not too much to see at Mission Bay and its actually too cold for any kind of sunbathing but we don’t spend long before heading on a bit further to a campsite just outside of San Diego where I managed to successfully assemble my tent which will be home for the next two weeks.

Out first night is a pretty big campground with all the mod cons and I even saw my first American wild animal – a skunk. It felt like it had been a long day but without realising it I had actually headed to bed at half nine but my sleep wasn’t too bad and I was warmer than expected.