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Melbourne Australia

Want to find out what Melbourne’s got to offer? Check out this month’s City Spotlight guest post from fellow traveller Bee Wanderlust. From beaches to a unique city buzz, Melbourne definitely has something exciting for you to check out.

We asked some of our favourite travel bloggers to share any place that they’ve fallen in love with and tell us what makes it special to them. This month our City Spotlight feature comes from Becca of Bee Wanderlust who gives us the lowdown of Melbourne, Australia. Here’s what Becca loves about her current adoptive home and why she thinks you need to put it on your must visit destination list.

Melbourne. The alternative city, the city of coffee, the killer sunsets, you name it, Melbourne has it. Ranked the most liveable city, not once, but 6 times in a row! Ever since I came here last year, I can see why. Melbourne will always hold a special place in my heart. I moved here for the first time in January 2016 for 6 months. I then returned for 3 weeks in November and now I am back here again. It just pulls me back in. When I’m not here I miss it, I miss the buzz, the vibe. Melbourne is the first place I felt ‘at home’ on my travels, it just felt, right. From the vibrant city laneways filled with street art, to the picturesque beaches, to the cute and quirky coffee shops. The list of my loves for Melbourne could go on.

You know when you visit a place, a city, a building, and you just connect to it. You feel this exciting bond. You fit in there perfectly, even though it is 10,528 miles away from home. I first realized I loved Melbourne when I lived in my first tiny studio apartment in St Kilda. I woke up, did yoga on my balcony, made myself a huge breakfast and went for a refreshing swim in the ocean. This was all before I even went to work. I fell in love with my lifestyle, with the little things in life. When you stop and think ‘this is the life’ more than once a week, what’s not to love?

The food and drink. Now this has to be mentioned. Melbourne is famous for its coffee culture, it is huge here. It is a part of everyone’s daily life. This suits me down to the ground, as a coffee fanatic I am in my element. Going out for coffee to a new and interesting coffee shop is all in a week’s work. Next, the food, it is unlike any other. Until I moved to Melbourne I didn’t really go out for breakfast, but how that has changed. Smashed avo anyone? Hell yer! Breakfast is now one of my favourite things to do. Picking a new breakfast, mostly brunch if I’m honest, spot is essential. Exploring food has opened my interests up, now I’d rather grab some Vietnamese food and a few pale ales than hit a club. Food and drink is a way of life, an experience in itself, and I love that.

I think Melbourne deserves a spotlight. Not just for its high ranking spot, but because you know what, it’s all true. Melbourne is liveable. Its whole demeanour is unique and enticing, there is always something going on, yet it couldn’t be more relaxed. An art show, a beer festival, a beer AND doughnut festival, St Kilda festival, Moomba Festival, the Queen Victoria markets. The list is endless. Summer in Melbourne is my favourite. It’s what’s got me coming back for more, still exploring, still excited, still here.

About our Guest Blogger

Becca is a Psychology graduate from Wales with a serious case of wanderlust, currently living and working in Melbourne to save for the next trip. Throughout university she backpacked over 13 countries in Europe, as well as exploring as much of the UK as possible on a backpackers budget. As soon as she finished university she booked a one way ticket to Australia. Last year she spent the year working, living in her car and farming across Australia to get a second year visa. Now she lives in Melbourne, saving and exploring whenever she can. You can find all about her adventures over at Bee Wanderlust specialiazing in budget travel, as well as daily photographs on her Instagram. Becca has always had a passion for travel, art and photography. Her favourite thing to do is spend a day wandering a new city, exploring street art, galleries and snapping away on her camera.

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City Spotlight: Melbourne Australia - Want to find out what Melbourne, Australia has got to offer? Check out this month's City Spotlight guest post from fellow traveller Bee Wanderlust.

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