A Tricky First Stop In Bouley Bay, Jersey

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After a very turbulent first flight Glasgow to Southampton, followed by a second only slightly bumpy flight, a bus journey to St Heiler and a 20 minute trek uphill to my overnight hotel I had official made it to Jersey.  Next task, surviving my first week in Bouley Bay! 

After only a quick overnight stop in St Heiler, I now find myself in the remote Bouley Bay which consists of 2 houses, 3 hotels, a dive centre and a pub with the latter two closed until summer. It’s not quick what I had in mind but this will be my base for the first week of my stay in Jersey as I find my feet and start work with Durrell Wildlife Trust Conservation who have an Wildlife Park on the island. (Now Jersey Zoo).

Transport links are really the best in this small village as buses only go to the capital of St Heiler, where the food shops are located, during the day  timing perfectly while I’m at work so that leaves me in a bit of a trick situation for meals.  However, my accommodation for the week is more of a guesthouse and so I have no any cooking facilities for the next week either so I guess this is my first problem solving task of the trip.  How many meals can you cook with just a kettle?

Bouley Bay, Jersey
Bouley Bay, Jersey

On the upside, Bouley Bay is quite a picturesque spot and I was quite lucky to find my accommodation at quite short notice. I luckily only have a week here before transferring to a nearby location which is much more practical with cooking facilities and where I will spend the rest of my time here on Jersey. Plus, it’ll be much closer to the park so I won’t need to complete the 40 minute walk there and back!

Have you ever had to figure out meals in hotel rooms? What did you come up with?