Travel Journal: Last stop…Sydney

Australian Word and Phrases Aussie Flag

So back in Sydney the Australian adventure is almost over.

I spend my final two days picking up nick nacks and various souvenirs for taking home. My mother decides to ask me to bring back an authentic boomerang now rather than when I was in Alice Spring so I go on a major hunt to try and sift through the tacky Sydney souvenirs  Luckily I’ve already  picked up some aboriginal art that is very authentic so I guess that might make up for it.  I also head back to a few of my favourite spots in Sydney including the Sydney Aquarium to play with all the fishes.

I’ve decided to not tell my man that I’m coming home so I’m having to be very sneaky about mentioning what I’m up to and where I am so I don’t soil the surprise. As far as he knows I am still in Tasmania but in reality I’m taking in the last of the Australian sunshine but hoping not to acclimatise back to the nice warm temperatures before heading back to Scotland.