Travel Journal: Base’d In Brisbane

I’m in my last week of working for my keep in Base Brisbane Central and the move north is in sight. After handing out hundreds of CVs and filling out loads of online applications including for three Domino’s stores not a job was found and so I admit defeat I must borrow money to last a couple more months in Oz. Who knew Australia was so expensive?

But despite that disappointment working in Base has been good. Hostel work has it’s benefits such as free food on clearing out the fridges and there is a lot left untouched as many people are flying home or onward from Brisbane airport. It’s always good to get the left behinds from the rooms too, shower gel, shampoo and washing powder all comes in handy. Lots of free nights out courtesy of free drinks vouchers for the night club downstairs is another bonus.

Who doesn’t love a bit of a protest?

I’m still passing by the old flat now and again to catch a movie, watch some Formula 1 that oddly I have gotten back into, or for a Wednesday dinner. Last week my old flatmate had her leaving night so we all headed out for our traditional night on the town starting at the club Mustangs and then Birdees. It was a good night. I also got roped into attending a Rally for Research protest in the centre to try and stop the Australian Government’s proposed cut to medical research by  two others. With one a current PhD student at the University of Queensland and the other currently working there before his PhD in Leiden, Netherlands the cuts directly affects both of them but apparently us scientists need to stick together so I ended up standing in the rain listening to some speakers for a while and shouting some chants.  That night I was round the flat again for dinner and another leaving night as another former flatmate heads to Melbourne for 6 weeks and so most of the rest of us will have moved on before her return. Our old group is well and truly breaking up but in today’s world of technology were not going to lose touch easily.

As for my new roommates; well they’re mental. They are my Welshies and I am they’re Scottish which amuses me as surely I should be they’re Scot? They are the Welshest Welsh I have every met and being with them 24/7 I feel I’m picking up a Welsh twang to my accent but I’ve also met my first fellow Scot. Six months of travelling before I found another one and funnily enough it was the same for her; four months until she found me. I guess there’s not that many of us out here.

The Welshies

My state of health is back to normal I guess and hopefully it will stay that way at least until I get home if not for longer. I don’t really want another expensive trip to the doctors. I have twisted my knee however but I’m not counting that yet as its a minor injury that will pass. Though I guess getting ill was lucky since I missed an earthquake in Townsville. If I had carried on without the backtrack I would almost certainly have been in Townsville when it was hit last week and knowing my luck I would’ve been squashed by something. So I’ll look at illness as a positive thing in this instance.

Onward travel is now both planned and booked and I return to Rainbow Beach on Thursday and I will get to Fraser Island this time. I look forward to the quick trip before continuing on to Bundaberg. Most backpackers head there for fruit picking jobs but I’m just passing through.

I’m still looking for somewhere to live when I get up to Cairns but my volunteer placement is confirmed for the 6th of June for 3 weeks so that’s all organised I just need to sort the bit in between. I’m starting to feel a little rushed on the final leg after Cairns but at the same time seeing the end is kinda nice too.

As for the next few days, Brisbane is going to come to a bit of a stop with Anzac Day following straight on from the Easter weekend meaning all the shops are closed until Wednesday. Hopefully I’ll get to see some of the Anzac day military parade and won’t be working on Monday morning.