Travel Journal: The End of the Rainbow

Another horrendous night where I couldn’t actually breath so will be trying to find a doctor in Rainbow. Hate being ill in dorms.

It takes 3 and half hours to get to Rainbow Beach but that is with a meal break at 10.30, I’m still a little confused as to what meal this is supposed to be. The stop is just south of Gympie and this is were we meet Matilda the giant kangaroo. Whether she classes as a ‘Big’ I don’t know but she’s pretty huge.

When we finally get to Rainbow Beach I’m more than ready to get off the bus. As if getting off the bus wasn’t hassle enough with the number of people pushing to get on the bus getting my backpack out the pile as everyone else surrounding me was chaos. I hate Greyhound buses and I hate backpacker travel routes and above all I hate backpackers. (Hypocritical? Of course) I don’t want to get back on another Greyhound bus ever but I’m guessing that’s going to be the only way out of here.

I make it to my dorm which is filled with smelly boys. Not sweaty boys but ones wearing so much aftershave there is almost a haze in the room. Turns out everyone in my room is German except me so no-one is friendly, well at least in a language I understand,  but I guess that suits me since I feel like collapsing and just dying.

My day isn’t going well and I slowly get worse throughout the day. I depressingly end up making my own chicken soup but can barely swallow it so give up. I figure I should probably explore some of Rainbow, illness or not.  Turns out Rainbow is pretty small but seems nice and I go a wander down the beach to see the colourful sand cliffs and dunes that give the place it’s name.

It ends up being an early night for me to try and recover a bit before booking a trip across to Fraser Island in the morning.