Travel Journal: Katoomba to Melbourne – The Long Way Round

So from Katoomba we headed back on a 2 hour train to Sydney before a quick dash to get tickets printed off and pick up some mail from my lock box before the office closed on it’s half day. We grabbed some lunch and then another fun train out to Sydney Airport which of course cost an arm and a leg.

Finally we get the airport still in fairly good spirits and wait our desk to open so we can dump our backpacks. Only thing is Andrew notices just before out check in time is about to begin that out flight status has actually changed to “Cancelled”. After a bit of discussion along the lines of  ” it can’t be cancelled they’d have announced it”  I decide to head up the the Tiger Desk to ask about our flight. I’m greeted by a small boy who looks twelve who simply says yes your flight is cancelled. Funnily enough this is not the response I’m looking for but I’m told we will simply be popped onto the flight going to Melbourne’s other airport on a slightly earlier flight. So it turned out better for us as we were now on what was a more expensive flight as this airport is much more central to town .

So a quick flight to Melbourne later and we get yet another very expensive airport transfer into the city and we arrive at Southern Cross Rail Station. A short but tiring walk gets us to our All Nations hostel quite late where we get nice discount for having gotten the airport transfer bus so it wasn’t too bad in the long run.