Travel Journal: Birthday in Byron

After the disappointment that was our stay in Bilinga we headed down the coast a bit and across the border to Byron Bay. I figured Byron Bay is on of the things you must do while in Oz and since I liked it so much the first time I was happy to take Andrew on a return visit.We stayed in the same hostel I had been in at the start of my stay in Byron and being a little out of town suited us as were not so much the party backpackers. We enjoyed a good beach day and I actually got a tan finally after 4 months in Australia I manage to get a bit of a tan. We also headed up to the lighthouse and to the most Easternly Point in mainland Australia. Sadly very few photos from our time in Byron Bay still exist as a few days later while in Sydney someone stole Andrew’s camera card before we had a chance to back them up.

Most Easterly Point on the Australian Mainland

While in Byron I turned 21 and this was the main reason Andrew had joined me. Being my travel partner was his birthday present to me. And an awesome one at that. But as well as bringing himself Andrew had also been given things from both his and my own parents to bring out to me on my Birthday which was a nice surprise. Having mentioned to my mother I didn’t really have anything other than a mild accent to show I was Scottish she made sure that was no longer the case with a full Scotland appreciation kit complete with flag, badge, pin and even the family tartan in the form of a sash as well as other various bits and bobs.

After a few days in Byron we realise in order to let Andrew see as much of Oz as possible were going to have to skip the scenic route to Sydney and instead book a flight from the Gold Coast.