Travel Journal: Not A Good Start to Couples Travel

So one chapter of my Australia adventures has now come to a close. Last week I moved out of my Brisbane flat and said goodbye to my awesome flatmates. But in the process the new chapter starts and I begin travelling again, this time with a backpacker buddie.

My man has now flown in to hang out with me for 6 weeks. Having got over the jet lag during the last weekend at my flat we start off with a trip back down the coast for me, to Coolangatta YHA on the gold coast. Only thing is the hostel lied a little and their idea of Coolangatta is Bilinga; a tiny little place in the middle of nowhere with no shops or anything other than a beach and the Gold Coast Airport. Not the best start to our trip but we make the most of it.

Having survived Bilinga I decide to take Andrew to Byron bay. And as it turns out he likes it too.