Travel Journal: Byron Bay

Having left Bellingen, a kayak trip, second road trip this time to Dangar Falls in Dirongo National Park and a float down the river in an inner tyre later, I travelled further north to Byron Bay.

Only problem is the first of December marks the start of summer here and all the prices jump and everywhere is booked. Having phoned ahead somewhere that had space and that was happy to pick up myself and Stu, a boy from Bellingen, we waited at the bus stop in Byron only to be stood up by the hostel. Upon phoning them they told us they weren’t coming. We weren’t happy.

After asking around we were pointed to another hostel shuttle bus who said they might have space. So the first night in Byron we ended up staying somewhere out of town but no idea where. It turned out to be cheaper than all the other prices we were quoted so not bad. It was only a quick fix as I could only have my bed for two nights max as they were full as well. Next day was mainly spent trying to find the next hostel to stay at and after walking round every backpackers in town I discovered two things. One Byron Bay is an extortionate place to stay and that all backpackers lie about there availability so that they can take walk-ins each night. I don’t really understand why because surely it doesn’t matter when the beds are booked as long as the hostel is full. I finally got a bed when staff at Aquarius Backpackers took pity on me and broke the party line and admitted they did have space and because I was a single girl travelling alone they would give me a bed. One of the girls in my room told me her first couple of nights cost her $21 but on the first of December all hostels jumped to $32. I managed to get cheaper than that but I was very lucky. I guess sometimes its good to look small and pathetic. I’m very glad I have accommodation sorted for Christmas and New Year as everywhere has been booked up since June and any spaces are going for crazy money.

Christmas in Australia

Other than dorm dilemmas I haven’t experienced much of Byron Bay yet but as usual I have brought the rain with me.


How Australia does Christmas