Travel Journal: Tamworth, Australia

The town or apparently city, though I feel this term is used a bit liberally in Australia, of Tamworth is quite nice. Its not quite as dry as I thought but it is definitely hotter than the coast. Yesterday it was 32 degrees which is pretty toasty for me.

Where I’m staying before heading to the ranch is pretty horrible. Its a 10 bed mixed dorm but one of the guys here has actually lived here for a couple of months and has set up his own little world. There’s a bedside cabinet on which sits a framed picture of the dogs playing poker painting, a bottle of vodka and a knife -so I feel safe. Hes also set up a pole between our two beds as a place to hang his clothes. This wouldn’t be so bad if there was some space between the beds but you have to turn sideways to slide between the bunks so your practically sharing with the people either side. Generally quite rubbish and not particularly cheap either but since its the only hostel in town it had to do.

The Big Golden Guitar, Tamworth
The Big Golden Guitar, Tamworth

First day of exploring took me to my second ‘Big’ – The Big Golden Guitar. However, the guitar is a bit of a trek to the southern part of Tamworth and on such a got day took me an hour and a half to get there and the same again to get back which turned out to have given me a few blisters since I wasn’t wearing my walking boots. Today I wandered round the Botanical Gardens which were a bit rubbish and Marsupial Park there were some pretty birds and I made friends with an emu but didn’t actually see any marsupials. The rest of the day was just too got to do anything so I dread to think how I’m going to cope working out in this heat the next couple of weeks. Its supposed to only be in the 20s at this time me year but its hit 30 all weekend.

Hopeful I won’t melt.