Travel Journal: Coffs Harbour, Australia

It was a very hot and sunny day as I made my way further north to Coffs Harbour. I’m very glad that I chose the train as my mode of transport, unlike most backpackers who use Greyhound or Ozzie Explorer buses. I have amazing views from my window rather than tarmac freeways and a lot more room as well as a buffet car if I want to use it. It also seems a lot cheaper and in this hot climate even the half hour on the bus to get to the station made me travel sick.

Coffs Harbour, Australia
The Marina and coast from Muttonbird Island

I’ve explored only some of Coffs harbour so far. My hostel is at ‘the Jetty’ so I’m right at the Marina and a couple of beaches. I decided to climb Muttonbird Island which gives views of all the surrounding coast as well as being a good spot to do some whale watching. I did finally get to see some whales though they were far in the distance and I only really saw a flipper and a couple of splashes.

Yesterday I headed into town and explored the shops a bit which wasn’t too exciting but I had to buy some food for travelling anyway. Now I’m heading up to Diggers Beach a little way up the coast to visit a few attractions of the Coffs harbour area and before plonking myself on the beach to try and get even the hint of a tan which, having now been here a month, I have still to attain.