Walking to the Creag an Tuirc Viewpoint in Balquhidder, Stirling

Loch Voil from the Creag an Tuirc, Balquidder

This weekends Sunday adventure is somewhat of a last minute affair when it turns out to be quite an amazing sunny day – could this finally be summer? Despite it being very windy its extremely warm and our first occasion of the year for shorts so we head off back to towards the lovely area of Callander this time we’re off to explore Balquhidder.

Its a bit of a longer drive than our previous excursions but still under the two hours mark and a beautiful and sunny route on the way. Our first stop of the day is the village of Balquhidder with the notable reputation of the burial place of Rob Roy but also on the edge of the very picturesque Loch Voil.

Loch Voil from the village of Balquhidder
Loch Voil from Balquhidder

We stop at the Balquhidder Old Kirk briefly before starting our walk up to Creag an Tuirc viewpoint which is an ancient rallying place of Clan MacLaren. It’s quite a steep hike (despite being described as a “gentle walk) but it doesn’t take us too long and the views from the top at definitely worth it.

Loch Voil from Creag an Tuirc Viewpoint

We spend quite a while up here in the hope of getting a few good pictures but the site has been quite monopolized by one group who don’t feel any need to share the space but instead spread out even blocking a family from a picnic spot. Such a shame when other kind of ruin the experience for others but they certainly can’t destroy the view.


We enjoy the sunshine from Creag an Tuirc for a while before heading back down and a little more exploring in the woodlands around Balquhidder. We take a different route home but have a few stops along the way including a quick walk along the beach at the side of Loch Lubnaig.

Walking at Loch Lubnaig
Loch Lubnaig
The sun beginning to set at Loch Lubnaig
Loch Lubnaig

We enjoyed the view and went a little wander along the beach but we did witness someone who wanted a more immersive experience and was actually going for a swim! Not sure if thats very brave or just crazy. Think we’ll give that one a miss.