Weekend Wanders: Attempting The Cobbler (Ben Arthur)

After giving up on Scotland ever getting a summer we decided to just start taking day trips and going hill walking despite the poor weather. Our trip to Ben Arthur, commonly referred to as “The Cobbler” didn’t quite turn out as planned but it’s always good to get out and explore. 

While the forecast had been for dry weather the day is somewhat overcast but we continue onward. It’s only a 45minute drive from Glasgow to our walking starting point near Succoth on the edge of Loch Long.

We begin our accent towards The Cobbler, which it turns out is quite a strenuous climb. We get a few good view points over Arrochar and Loch Long as we head up but for the most part the path is enclosed woodland. Disappointingly, the rains began after an hour or so and when we finally emerge into the open the mist is pretty thick and there are no views to be seen.

Arrochar on the edge of Loch Long from The Cobbler path
Arrochar on the edge of Loch Long from The Cobbler path

We continue on in the hope of a change in the weather but as we go things only get worse. In the end we make the decision to turn back due to bad weather and poor visibility. Its a shame to give up but hill walking in torrential rain and heavy fog is not much fun.

Thickening Fog on the Narnain Boulders path
Thickening Fog on the Narnain Boulders path

We think we got as far as the path to the Narnain Boulders on our route but really who can tell. Sadly no views of the Cobbler but lots of creepy foggy photos.

Spooky mist at Ben Arthur also known as The Cobbler
The mist on Ben Arthur

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