The Long Way Home (JFK-KEF-GLA)

Well, with my final day in New York and of  my travels now upon me it time to make the long journey home from New York to Glasgow…via Reykjavik just for added fun.

Its my final day in New York but its and a full airport and travel day for me so after checking out of my hostel and milling around until lunch time it’s time to head off to the airport. It’s over an hour to get back out to JFK airport but I’ve made sure to leave myself plenty of time for my flights. Even taking in travel to the airport, check in and security I’ve got lots of time to kill.

My homeward route is JFK to Keflavik airport and then onward to Glasgow all with Icelandair which turns out considerably cheaper than a straight flight home with any of the US airlines but it certainly has it’s downfalls too. Icelandair are a budget airline so even though it’s a six hour flight there are no means included and you the general feel of the plane is very Ryanair or Easyjet. You do however get an entertainment console with some movies and television options but these are very limited and do largely cater to Icelandic speakers. The other big downer is the added flight time, its not significantly more airtime with only  2-3 hour more in the air but with the additional crossover time in Reykjavik and the fuss of swapping places its a little more hassle. For me it was worth if to same some money to spend while traveling in the US and an added bonus was being able to pick up lots of Icelandic sweets to take home as gifts.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my summer travels and though there were some hit and miss experiences, six weeks traveling through Iceland, Canada and the US was an excellent experience. Now it’s back to the home routines again, saving some more pennies and planning the next travel adventure.