Summer Travel 2014

Its been a mess of a year so summer is going to be filled with travel to get life back on track and I’m counting down the days…
So where we going this year you ask?

First of Amsterdam on May 2nd. Only a few days but I’ll be making the most of it and luckily I’m going to have a somewhat local guide.

Come May 16th its off to Reykjavik to explore Iceland for a week. Plenty of plans to be made but the to-do list is much longer than the time I have to spend there.

May 23rd I’m hopping on another plane over to Toronto, using here as a base there’ll be only a little exploring around the Canadian-American border. Hopefully another flight to San Francisco and a couple of weeks discovering the Western Coast of the USA.

Flights are booked but that’s as far as the plans go. Here’s hoping it’ll all come together in the end!