7 Spots to Visit in Jersey, Channel Islands

Rozel Bay, Jersey
Place to See in Jersey

Jersey may seem like a small island but there are lots of beautiful spots to visit with a wealth of heritage, plenty for seafood lovers and miles of wonderful coastal attractions. Here are just a few places to check out on your visit to Jersey in the Channel Islands

Archirondel Tower, St Catherine's Bay Jersey
Archirondel Tower, St Catherine’s Bay

Jersey has many coastal towers dotted around the island but a great example is Archirondel Tower located in St Catherine’s Bay on the East side of the Jersey.

Mont Orgueil from Gorey HarbourMont Orgueil from Gorey Harbour

Perhaps Jersey’s most famous attraction Mont Orgueil is a medieval aged castle which looks over nearby Gorey Harbour. You can enter and explore the castle for a fee or simply marvel at the 800 year old structure from the bay.

Corbiere Lighthouse against sunny skies
La Corbiere Lighthouse, St Brelade

The most photographed spot in Jersey. La Corbiere Lighthouse is a 15 minute drive from nearby St Aubin and is not only a beautifully picturesque spot for a picnic but a great view for sunset.

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St Aubin's Bay, Jersey
St Aubin’s Bay

St Aubin’s itself has plenty to offer too with lots of long sandy beaches and a seaside restaurants and cafes. On sunny days you’ll find plenty of people out on the beach but not so much in the winter times.

Elizabeth Castle, from St HelierElizabeth Castle, from St Helier

Jersey is certainly not sort of fortifications and Elizabeth Castle is a few minutes walk from the centre of St Helier. During low tide you can walk out to the castle but just be sure to plan your journey as you don’t want to get stuck.

Fliquet Bay
Fliquet Bay

Hidden in the far north-eastern corner of Jersey you’ll find the little sport of Fliquet Bay. A great place to watch the waves crashing by.

Rozel Bay, Jersey
Rozel Bay

Rozel Bay is a wonderful little fishing village with rows of colourful houses along the harbour-side and plenty of fishing boats. You’ll find little cafes for cream tea and restaurants specialising in locally caught seafood.

Have you every visited some of these spots on Jersey?