Toronto, Canada

Feeling at Home in Toronto, Canada

Some cities you just feel at home in, and despite arriving in the dark and getting a bit lost trying to find my hostel the night before, by the next morning Toronto was one of


Exploring the South Coast of Iceland

A trip to explore the South Coast of Iceland is a must for anyone wanting to see some of Iceland’s amazing landscape. Boasts a wide variety of scenery from beaches to volcanoes and glaciers Southern Iceland has so much to offer. 

A Self guided walk along the front including to Sun Voyager is a free activity in Reykjavik, Iceland

Free Attractions in Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland has a bit of a reputation for it’s steep prices but there are still are still plenty of options for those on a budget. Here’s just a few of Reykjavik’s cheaper city attractions to help you save the pennies.

View of Mount Esja from Reykjavik, Iceland

Exploring Reykjavik, Iceland

Well, summer travels didn’t start quite as planned with a long delay in my initial flight to Reykjavik due to airline staff striking. But I eventually made it to Iceland 10 hours after schedule and


Summer Travel 2014

Its been a mess of a year so summer is going to be filled with travel to get life back on track and I’m counting down the days… So where we going this year you

Australian Word and Phrases Aussie Flag

Travel Journal: Last stop…Sydney

Almost home. With a few days left of my Australian adventure here’s how I spent my final return trip to Sydney before a heading home to Glasgow.


Travel Journal: Hobart, Tasmania

After a very long trip from Strahan, starting with the bus service being incorporated into a school run and spending 2 hours of the journey with the same ‘talk for Australia’ driver I had experienced


Travel Journal: Strahan, Tasmania

The road from Devonport to Strahan is a long one that goes via Cradle Mountain. This time the weather up there is cold and snow covered but no freezing winds or blizzard conditions so it’s