A Christmas Morning Proposal

A Christmas Morning Proposal for the tinberry travels

The tinberry travels adventures are mostly those of a solo traveller but there have been a few joint travels with my lovely other half along the way and plenty of day trips and long weekends of recent. Over the last year we’ve been adapting to a few new changes in our personal life including finding ourselves a permanent base camp but after buying a house there’s some more big news to share!

Our last year has really been all go, I’ve graduated university for the second time and we’ve bought a house in Glasgow giving me a permanent base here in Scotland rather than short term renting and occasional stints in other countries such as a year in Australia or a few months in Jersey. So what big news could we have next…..

We’re engaged!

The title gives it away of course but we wanted to share with all the tinberry travels followers our latest adventure. Andrew, my other half of seven years surprised me with a Christmas morning proposal dressed in his tux, a room complete with candles, and of course a beautiful shiny ring.

I, of course, said yes and our engagement remained secret for only a few hours before we headed to my parents for Christmas lunch before having to wait another two days before breaking the news to Andrew’s parents at their boxing day dinner.

Both sets of parents were happy but after so many years together the news was not exactly a shock but we still got instantly swamped with questions over wedding dates! We left it a few days for the Christmas festivities to subside before announcing the happy news to the wider friends group via social media where we also found that this Christmas has been a popular one for engagements!

So now it’s on to the wedding planning. But just where to start? We’re looking forward to figuring it all out and for the tinberry travels it means lots of fun day trips to explore wedding venues. We don’t have too many plans at present but we’ll be looking for pretty buildings and historic sites throughout Glasgow and nearby to find the perfect location for our pending nuptials.

Of course the other exciting part of planning is our honeymoon options. While we’re going to be working with pretty tight budgets, I think it’s definitely agreed that we’d rather spend a bit of money on some travel plans than blow it all on a party. For some people a perfect sparkly wedding is everything but we’d rather enjoy our day than worry about expensive little details that no-one will really notice and rather enjoy some time away than bankrupt ourselves paying for just one day.

I have plenty of ideas and destinations I’d love to visit. Top of my list include going on Safari in Tanzania or Kenya, visiting Jordan and seeing Petra or maybe a US or Canadian road trip. Like I say lots of ideas but realistically it’ll all come down to finances and time off work but a girl can always dream.

So let the wedding fun begin!

Feel free to share your own engagement story below. Or why not give us some suggestions of exciting romantic destinations for the budget conscious?