Finding Myself in Print

So a few months after my return from a year in Australia a lady named Bernadette Lawson contacted me via my blog and asked me if  I’d like to contribute to a book she was putting together. Would I? Well of course.

Her idea was a collection of stories from people who were either in the midst of or helped after Cyclone Yasi.

Her book “The True Spirit of Cyclone Yasi” as she puts it :

“is an inspiring compilation of personal stories, journal entries, poems, quotes, photos, and drawings from contributors of all ages as they reflect on the impact Yasi had on their lives – laughter as well as pain – fear as well as courage.

We hear from the people who stayed to see it through; from those who heeded the dire warnings and attempted to escape; from friends and family who sat in apprehension through the night texting their loved ones with updates, and from the many wonderful people working in the support services.

Their stories touch the human spirit. They show how strong we can be when asked to deal with pain and loss, disaster and devastation. And how we can overcome our personal fears and discover our humanity in banding together against adversity.”

I contributed a short piece on the Blaze Aid work at Tully and the experience I had during the clean up and even shared some photos. And now making a long process sound quick, easy and painless here we are.

On the one year anniversary of Cyclone Yasi hitting the North Queensland coast ‘The True Spirit of Cyclone Yasi” began its launch tour of Queensland towns which will continue into March. As one of the contributing authors, I’m a bit sad to be missing all the press and book signings but I guess its more about being part of something and sharing my story with others. In photos from the publisher my camp leader at Tully is present so there’s someone already representing Blaze Aid at the book signings.

My Blaze Camp Leader Eugene along with Red Cross Volunteers at the book launch

So even though I’ve never seen a printed copy, and don’t really know what my pages look like, my face is on the front cover, it contains my story of Yasi and it includes my photography in glossy colour within its pages. I am now a published author(and photographer) – now there’s a bonus outcome to a gap year!

The True Spirit of Cyclone Yasi was published with Life Love Laughter Ink and was commended by the Queensland Premier Anna Bligh.  As of March 2013 the book had  received a nomination  for a North Queensland Arts Award.

It remains on sale from Australian vendors (I do not receive any commission)