Travel Journal: Bushwalking in the Blue Mountains, Australia

Despite all the rain and almost constant thunderstorms I did manage to get out and do some more exploring of The Blue Mountains.  In between and sometimes during the showers I headed to some of the near by highlights including The Queen Victoria Viewpoint, which was a gave me a really good view of the opposite side of The Three Sisters, and slightly longer expeditions to the places like the Leura Cascades which was a very pretty waterfall which very randomly had an old fashioned streetlamp at the bottom, every Narnia like.

The Queen Victoria Viewpoint, Blue Mountains Australia
The Queen Victoria Viewpoint

I even tackled the Furber steps down to the valley region which seemed to go on forever. Most people walk down to the valley floor on various route and then get the cable car or railway back up but I chose to head back up on foot and then get a secondary cable car across the valley in order to actually see more.

Copeland Viewpoint Blue Mountains Australia
Copeland Viewpoint

Another good spot which seemed very out of the way was Copelands viewpoint which gave an impressive look out over the endless Eucalyptus forests and on the sunny afternoon I was there the blue effect from the vapours was very effective. Most of the time on the trails I did not pass anyone, which was fine by me as I prefer a wilderness trek to be a solo affair. It also meant I could footer around with my camera timer without being pestered by other bush-walkers.