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Well its more than a week in and the weather has been horrendous the entire time, not just a little wet and windy but gale force winds, hail storms, floods, thunder and lightening and apparently the worst storms Jersey has had in decades…and i’m working outside in it. I should know how to pick the places don’t I?

Despite work being truly awful I do on the rare occasion get to hang out with the baby flamingos who are both cute and happen to have taken a shine to me.

Flamingo chick
Wallace likes the camera
Walking the monsters

I’ve moved location and am now based outside St Martin instead of Bouley Bay so only a 15min walk to work instead of 40min uphill. This place is warm, has kitchen facilities and much more frequent buses to town if you don’t mind the 15mins walk in the storms to the bus stop.

After my week here its pretty clear that Jersey is not a place to visit in the winter. All tourist attractions are shut, as are a lot of places to eat but since I don’t get time off work I don’t suppose it really matters.

My only visit has been to near by Rozel which is a picturesque fishing village. I even got an hour of sunshine but despite being good for a picture that is all Rozel has to offer this time of year.  Maybe on my next off day I’ll get to Grosnez Castle but thats going to need some nice weather too.

All Jersey’s lovely (currently shut through winter) tourist attractions can be found on the Jersey Tourism site

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