Weekend Wanders: Ardmore Point

Ardmore Point Helensburgh Scotland

We haven’t done a weekend wanders post in a while, which may have something to do with a rather long kinda rubbish winter and additionally organising a wedding, but, here we are back again on a lovely Sunday jaunt. Here’s some images and quick recap from our short walk around Ardmore Point near Helensburgh.

It wasn’t the best of days but the weather did manage to hold until we got back to the car so it was a very overcast walk but luckily we didn’t get soaked despite the looming clouds. Ardmore Point is only half an hour from home for us but we had never come across it on our travels before and it’s a nice little spot for a short walk so worth a wee wander.

The route is a nice flat circuit going through woodland areas and around the headlands giving some lovely views over the Firth of the Clyde over to Helensburgh and even the Arrochar Alps.  For those looking for a longer excursion there are a few more options in the area but for our rather lazy day stroll the 3.5 km or 2 mile loop was perfect.

As well as the views along the headlands, you might spot some wildlife our on the mudflats. For us it was just a local fisherman  but we made do with collecting shells and spotting pretty plants as well as thoroughly enjoying my usual rock clambering. There seems to be a section of old jetty washed up on the walk at the minute which was fun for photographs.

If you are into your geology there’s a little info on site and lots online about the interesting rock formations around Ardmore Point including where to find evidence of a desert that once sat on the site and remnants of sea cliffs from when sea level was much higher.

We enjoyed our short wander round the headlands just as a nice spot for a Sunday stroll but its worth having a look in the surrounding area for longer walks along the Firth of Clyde as there are some great views to be had.

Where do you head for a quiet Sunday walk?

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Ardmore Point Helensburgh - Looking for somewhere for a quiet Sunday wander? Here's some images and quick recap from our short walk around Ardmore Point near Helensburgh.


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