Visiting Trentham Gardens, England

Just on the outskirts of Stoke-on-Trent, almost hidden in the urban sprawl is beautiful spot perfect for a morning wander. The Trentham Gardens is an award winning garden in Staffordshire with walks and beautiful flower arrangement and so close to hotel, we had to check it out.

Staying at a low cost hotel after a trip to the nearby Alton Towers Theme Park we didn’t really look top location but it turned out we had fallen on our feet as our stay was technically within the Trentham Estate. Being literally next door we couldn’t really pass up the visit to the Trentham Gardens. To make to deal even sweater we had spotted a 2 for 1 voucher in the hotel brochure stand  so we decided to chance the rainy weather and go for a morning walk before we returned back to Glasgow on our short trip.

Despite the changeable weather we thoroughly enjoy the Trentham Gardens. The biggest draw is the Italian Gardens which are just picture perfect. The immaculately kept set up is just an amazing view and handily there is a lovely raised viewpoint, and useful camera holder spot, to capture the whole gardens. On our May morning we managed to get the whole place to ourselves which was a nice bonus.

The Italian Gardens on the Trentham Estate
The Italian Gardens

From the Italian Gardens we moved on to the Show Gardens. The entire place is beautifully kept and its easy to see where the entrance fees go with immaculate flowerbeds, well kept paths and plenty of busy gardeners all around in these section. Of course the centre of the Estate is Trentham Lake and we spend an hour of two making our way round where there are lots of pretty views and plenty or wildlife include ducklings at every turn.

Trentham Gardens

We even managed to get some sunshine towards the end of our visit. Trentham Gardens is definitely somewhere I’d recommend if you happened to be in the area and especially with a midweek 2 for 1 voucher this is lovely what to while away a morning (or an afternoon). While the quiet day we chose did add to our peaceful walk, even on busier days there would certainly be somewhere to find a secluded spot for sure.

Miniature railway along the side of Trentham lake
Miniature railway along the side of Trentham lake

Additional activities in the Trentham Gardens include a boat cruise and a miniature railway which both looked quite interesting but we decide not to go on either with only a short visit. Of course, the gardens themselves are the main attraction and if you are an avid gardener there is so much for you to get out of this place even on a short visit. Each area is specially designed often by award winning and guest gardeners but, if like us, you don’t know your petunia from your poses you can simply admire the beautiful arrangements and scenic views.

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