Travel on the Horizon

Finally somewhere new on the horizon. It’s not quite travel but I’m sure it’ll be an adventure.

From late January I will find myself in Jersey, Channel Islands, sadly not for a holiday but to undertake an 8 week work placement but luckily it’s going to be something interesting, good for the CV and something I’ve done before.


This time round I’ll be on work placement with the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust specifically located in the Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey. But despite my full time work I hope to do a little exploring and maybe a trip to Paris if I have the time. Lots to look forward to.

So where am I going? Well here…

This tiny little island of the coast of France.

So bring on January…lets get me abroad for a while.

You can find out more about the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and their Wildlife Park in Jersey at

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