The Long Way Home (JFK-KEF-GLA)

Well, with my final day in New York and of  my travels now upon me it time to make the long journey home from New York to Glasgow…via Reykjavik just for added fun.


Exploring the South Coast

So my next big day trip is a tour of the South Coast with beaches, volcanoes and glaciers on the cards theres plenty of variety in the south. Unlike the tour of Monday which was a super deluxe […]


Another day in town

I take another day to explore the city attractions in town and decide to walk a bit further a field to see what I can find. 


Reykjavik arrival

Well, summer travels didn’t start quite as planned with a long delay in my initial flight to Reykjavik due to airline staff striking. But I eventually made it to Iceland 10hrs after schedule and therefore […]