Another day in town

I take another day to explore the city attractions in town and decide to walk a bit further a field to see what I can find. 

I wander out to the Reykjavik Botanic gardens but they are not much to write home about other than a pretty park to sit in the sunshine. I planned on visiting the Zoo ( which is really just a domestic local animal park) which is next door to the gardens but turns out you can see most of the animals throught the fence so I decide to not bother then paying the admission fee.

I head back to the Perlan, which is the other side of the city, for lunch before carrying on to the thermal beach but again nothing very exciting. I do, however, get stopped by a cyclist on route who I assume was asking me directions but on pointing out I didn’t speak Icelandic they were much more excited to find out I was Scottish.

Fun fact: Scottish in Icelandic is “Skotti”


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