Travel Flashback: A Few Days In Paris – Part 1

After recently stumbling across photos from my trip to Paris in 2009, I thought I’d do a quick recap of my time in the French capital. There were definitely ups and downs but here’s my experience of Paris.

My trip to Paris in 2009 was with a then boyfriend and was supposed to be a romantic surprise for my birthday. Only thing was at the time I didn’t have an in date passport so having to shell out £100 for a new one somewhat took away the romantic vibe. This would also come to symbolise how my travel partner would plan our trip ie. there would be none. Remember to pick travel buddies carefully.

We had a booked ridiculously cheap late night Ryanair flights and a nice cheap hotel in the business district of Paris so it was a very budget trip.

Things didn’t start well when on our flight the girl in front of us was having issues with a drip above her. I’m not sure why you’d get condensation on a flight but it definitely made us feel a little uneasy.  Other than that the flight was fine, very budget and our first experience of the famous Ryanair fanfare landing. As is the deal with super cheap Ryanair flights we did not land in Paris but were instead in Beauvais and therefore  far away requiring a bus to get to the right city.

After a flight, a bus and a quick snack stop we still had the subway to negotiate. Buying our tickets at a machine we then couldn’t get our tickets to open the barriers and had to ask for help although everyone else simply kicked the barrier down.

Finally we get to the location of our hotel and despite having researched here it was we couldn’t find it anywhere. After going in circles we ended up in another hotel to try and get direction but the rceptionist had never heard of our hotel but sent us in the vague direction of the street we were looking for and we did eventually find it.

Our journey had led to late night arguments and really brought out our completely different views on travel. I like to have journeys planned and know what’s available in new locations but in the run up to our trip I had been told off for trying to plan things in leiu of just being spontaneous and stuff will work out. It was funny how on arrival it was my fault for not having the route map to the hotel memorised. So I urge again think carefully about your travel partner.

Our room was fine for our purposes but was definitely budget. By this point we were ready to hit the pillow.

The view form our hotel room

So after a shaky start we begin our two day adventure in Paris and spend our first day doing the typical touristy walk about and seeing the sights.

A subway journey from our hotel takes us to the Champs-Élysées and the famous Arc de Triomphe.

Don’t you hate it when someone walks into your shot

From here we continue to Paris’s number one attaction- The Eiffel Tower. It is a beautiful structure and is visible from all over Paris.

The weather remained rather wet and dull during our trip but we still got a few good snaps of the tower silhouetted against the grey skies.

The Eiffel Tower

Walking around and under the Eiffel Tower it’s quite interesting to see who intricate the structure is. Just don’t stop for too long because you will of course be instantly accosted by someone trying to sell you something. We were harassed by rose sellers but I imagine they probably do get a lot of business mainly through embarrassing a people into buying roses for their other halves.

Looking upwards at the Eiffel Tower

It is a lovely spot but even visiting as a couple I can’t say that there is anything in particular that makes the Eiffel Tower itself romantic. I think anywhere can be romantic and don’t really buy into Paris as the city of love. Who decided this?

We finish our first day at the Centre George Pompidou a modern art gallery which also has very interesting high tech ultra modern architecture.

Centre George Pompidou at night

Our walk to our subway station takes us back past the Eiffel tower which is now lit up in its pretty night time lights. The twinkling lights are a beautiful addition but once an hour their is a sparkly light show which, for me, kinda ruins it and makes it a bit of a tacky party trick.


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