Weekend Wanders: Whitelee Wind Farm

As we continue our weekend wanders it becomes more difficult to find things awesome walks within driving distance of Glasgow but I managed to find somewhere new for our latest adventure. So this week’s walk was a bit different and took us off to explore Whitelee Windfarm in Eaglesham.

As a treehugger environmental type the windfarm itself is very interesting to visit. This is actually a return visit for me as my university studies had previously brought me here but at the time our focus was more on the technical side and so I didn’t get to appreciate to beauty of the landscape round about.

Now windfarms can cause quite big debates here in Scotland with some seeing them as the future of our energy sector with beauty in there own right and other strongly against them as an eyesore on the landscape with numerous flaws. I won’t be entering into such a debate and I definitely don’t think there is a definitive answer that applies to every site but, we very much enjoyed out walk at Whitelee and thought that the views were pretty spectacular.

Our trip to Whitelee was on quite a changeable day and the weather on site, as you might expect, was a bit windy. We chose a shorter walk to Blackwood Hill Viewpoint which gave us some fantastic views of the windfarm site, Lochgoin, and even Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park!

The sun making an appearance

So if you’re looking for a walk that’s a bit different, where you are see the power of nature (literally), Whitelee is an excellent spot. The site is also popular with horse riders and mountain bikers but if none of that takes your fancy there is always a toasty warm visitor centre to just check out the view.


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