An Afternoon in the Peak District

With a lovely wedding invite taking us from our home in Glasgow all the way down to Tunbridge Wells in the south of England, we needed a stop off point to break up the 8 hour journey. We spotted an opportunity to visit the Peak District and here’s how we spent our day.

Our overnight stop was a 40 minute drive from the Peak District on the outskirts of Sheffield and with our budget hotel not really providing much comfort we were both awake early for a day exploring the natural wonders of the local region.

With quite limited time and a further 4-5 hours of drive ahead of us we picked out two of the most popular attractions in the Peak District to get a feel for the place and hopefully some awesome views. First stop of the day is Stanage Edge. With our trusty stat nav and following instructions we found online we managed to get in the rough area of Stanage Edge easy enough, with the ridge clearly visible from the road, but trying to find our chosen parking site and walking route proved a lot more difficult. As we quickly learned, signage in the Peak District is pretty much non existent and so it was nothing more than sheer luck that we came across the car park we were looking for which remained hidden even until the entrance.

We leave the car and begin our route up the ridge on what turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. It’s an easy ascent and then a little bit of a scrabble on the path we’d chosen leading from Hollin Bank car park up to the edge and definitely worth the view when we get to the top.

Stanage Edge
Stanage Edge
Enjoying the view from the top of Stanage Edge

We spend a bit of time on the Stanage Ridge before finding another route down which proves a bit of a mistake as we get rather lost among the overgrown fens but be do eventually make it back to our original path and back to the car

Our second climb of the day is Mam Tor which isn’t too far a drive but by accident we manage to time our journey to coincide with the Tour of Britain cycle event and end up parked up at the side of the road to let the race go through. It’s always nice to get  a free show and I’m sure the spectators who had been standing at the side of the road all day awaiting their arrival would think us very lucky to come across it right on cue just by chance.

Stage 6 of the Tour of Britain Race

We’re not stopped for long before we’re off again and onward to Mam Tor. Now this is deemed thee biggest attraction and most popular thing to do in the Peak District so, of course, there are no signs. None. We’re quite perplexed by this phenomenon. Surely you want to advertise your tourist attractions? Despite our research before hand, we get a little lost again but we do eventually find the right road and again another hidden car park which we almost miss.

After a quick lunch at the bottom, we’re refueled enough to begin our wander up Mam Tor which, despite it being a weekday, is quite busy with walkers. We find it another easy walk up and some more exceptional views from the top to boot. It had gotten quite windy by this point so it’s quite difficult to stand still at the top of Mam Tor but we enjoy the views all around and are disappointed that we don’t have time to do more of the ridge walk before we get back on the road.

Views from Mam Tor
Views across the Peak District from Mam Tor

The Peak District seems a lovely place and clearly has lots of opportunities to explore but from our experience you really need to rely on those grid references when trying to find landmarks and attractions. Even when you do your homework don’t be surprised if you get a little lost on those quaint country routes,


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