Trentham Gardens, England

Our morning after Alton Towers we’re heading back North but first a visit to the Trentham Gardens next door to our hotel.

With our hotel technically within the Trentham Estate so we can’t really pass up the visit to the Trentham Gardens and since I’ve also got a 2 for 1 voucher we decide to chance the rainy weather and go for a wander.

Despite the changeable weather we thoroughly enjoy the Trentham Gardens. The biggest draw is the Italian Gardens which is just picture perfect but we wander round the Show Gardens and then the large lake.

The Italian Gardens

The entire place is beautifully kept and its easy to see where the entrance fees go with immaculate flowerbeds, well kept paths and plenty of busy gardeners all around. We spend an hour of two making our way round and there are lots of pretty views and plenty or wildlife include ducklings at every turn.

We even manage to get some sunshine towards the end of our stay. Trentham Gardens is definitely somewhere I’d recommend especially with a midweek 2 for 1 voucher though if it wasn’t so quiet it might take away from such a peaceful walk. There is both a boat cruise and a miniature railway which both looked quite interesting but we decide not to go on either.

Miniature railway along the side of the lake

After a lovely start to the day we head off on our journey home.

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