Yosemite National Park Arrival

After packing up our campsite in the Sierra Nevada we hit the road yet again but today’s destination?….Yosemite National Park! And I’m excited.

It not a long drive from our previous nights camp but since our next camp spot isn’t open to new residents till late afternoon we do a stop at some Sequioa woods on the way into the park.

There’s time for a quick walk which we start as a group but I stop for a few photos by which point the rest of them have disappeared back along the route we came on. Unfortunately, though it was downhill on the way there and very very uphill heading back to the minivan. Somehow the others seem to have super powers and are well out of sight within a few minutes which I definitely don’t appreciate and is actually rather worrying to be completely alone wandering in Yosemite National Park. Though I stick to the path and there’s not really anywhere to take a wrong turn I was confident if it came to it my lovely driver would leave without me and not even notice I was missing for a couple of hours.

Luckily they’ve decided to stay here for lunch so I haven’t been left behind but I’m not best pleased anyway. Never a fan of group travel and such incidents definitely don’t help. I much prefer being on my own time schedule, seeing things at my own pace and not having to cut my outdoor fun short in order to keep up with others.

We’re not too much further to our evenings campsite which is a pretty basic set up but there are showers. Unfortunately, despite what our favourite driver Megan had promised, there is no laundry. I’m now wearing my last of everything and camping has been pretty dusty so clothes are not just worn but mucky and its been pretty hot so they’re kinda sweaty too. There’s quite a few of us all in the same boat and so having been promised there would have been laundry we stage a coup and end up getting Megan to drive us to a nearby motel in order to get some washing done. Another example of the nuisance of being on other peoples schedules and the issues of relying on their information. On the up side those cooking dinner tonight made a very tasty meal which was quite impressive with just the gas stoves.



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