San Diego

Unfortunately its becoming quite clear this camping tour isn’t quite what I had expected. Today I was given the option of go to zoo or not go to the zoo. I was hoping for a little more freedom when I have paid so much for the trip.

So the group are dropped off at the zoo and we’re told we’ll be picked up in 4hrs. Again there is no option on this. It turns out this is not enough time to see the whole zoo and having paid so much for the ticket I would have liked to get my money’s worth. We’re get pick up and driven to a random location in San Diego and told we can get picked up again at 5pm but really we should go out drinking and get a taxi home. I’m really not impressed at being told this.

So with one map between 10 of us we go a walk which the others decide should be to a shopping mall and with no idea of  either where I am or what San Diego has to offer, or my own  map to just explore I am left with no option but to follow. I have no interest in shopping and end up getting a milkshake and sitting in a food court until its time to leave – not exactly a valuable use of my travel time. At 5 o’clock I opt to go back to camp rather than spend money on dinner, drinks and then a taxi home but only two of us return to camp – I strongly get the impression I’m the only one travelling on a budget.

For me it’s a pretty disappointing day. We leave San Diego tomorrow and I feel I’ve seen a beach on the outskirts, the zoo and a random shopping mall. All I can do is try to make the most of this poorly organised trip schedule and look forward to Yosemite and the Grand Canyon.

Today did have its plus points. San Diego Zoo is massive and does have every animal under the sun including a few I didn’t even know existed with new favourite animals including an Okapi and a Brazilian tree hedgehog.

Meet an Okapi

Tomorrow is another early start with the first challenge; trying to disassemble my tent and then 7hrs on the road towards Lake Havasu.  Oh how I love full days spent in a minibus.

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