Desert Driving, Finding Salvation and Oooh a Lake

So sometimes roadtrips are fun and even though it can be a long day the views can make up for it. Yeah its not really that kind of day.

So from San Diego its an early start to Lake Havasu with 7hrs of driving ahead and almost all of it through desert. To be far the first hour of driving was quite interesting seeing all the Californian orchards and vineyards but we seemed to turn a corner and that was us on the road to nowhere.

We did stop twice on the way. The first was Salvation Mountain which is located in the middle of the desert in absolute nowhere and was the project of one man who wanted to spread God’s love. It is an impressive structure, if somewhat oddly placed. It was also 40C out so we didn’t spent too long here.

Salvation Mountain
The Painted Mountain

We did get accosted by a man who claimed to be a ranger, who wanted to drive us out further into the dessert to show us a constructed water way. Idiot driver Megan obliged the man and did indeed drive about 15 mins off of the road  into the desert. Nothing like playing out the start of a horror movie where a bus full of tourists gets slaughtered in the desert. We did manage to get away from the extremely creepy man who was insisting we go a swim in the waterway but I was not very happy we had followed him in the first place. Something I would never have done on my own and another reason I won’t be doing group travel ever again. I like to be in control of what I’m doing.

The next stop is for lunch which we have quickly in a town that has some shade and we stock up on lots and lots of water to try and combat the excessive heat. Then its back to more desert all the way until we get to Lake Havasu, just over the state border in Arizona.

More Desert

Its finally a cooler when we arrive at Buckskins Mountain Park but the sun is setting quickly so there’s not long to get the tents up before the light is gone. We’re in a big camper van site which is pretty noisy but has showers so I’m quite happy.

Lake Havasu

We decide that since we’re camped on Lake Havasu just for the night we may as well take advantage of the lake and head off for a sunset swim in the water. Its a bit cold but it’s welcome after the temperatures and long drive of the day.


After a thorough wash (in the showers not the lake) I head off to bed but definitely not to sleep. It seems the set of trailers we are camped next are somewhat rowdy to start with but soon turns into a full scale domestic which results in campsite security and then local police needing to come in to break up a very loud and large scale family fight.

Not a fun filled day but next stop Grand Canyon


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