Toronto Islands – My new favourite place

It’s been decided. I have found where I want to live and its Centre Island, Toronto.

So despite it being the weekend which mean Toronto Islands will be extra busy I decide to take the ferry on the short trip over to see the pretty islands.

Not only is this the best spot to view Toronto skyline but it has a little theme park, animal park and amazing beaches. That’s a lot of stuff on such a little combination of islands.

So my first sport was supposed to be the beach on the other side of the island but having discovered the petting zoo en route to the beach I became somewhat delayed.

But I eventually prize myself away and head on to Ward beach which is the smallest and furthest away of the beaches on the Toronto islands but it means I get to walk along the boardwalk which seems to run the entire length of the island.

Ward beach is fairly quiet and so a good spot for lunch. First off it seemed quite breezy but after a few minutes you’re definitely not feeling the chill. I send a few hours sunbathing here which is something I generally don’t do and in this case turned out to be a bad idea.

By the next day I am looking very burnt but only in patches showing how rubbish my sun cream application must have been but at least its a tan….of sorts.



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