If You’re Going to San Francisco…

… don’t always expect it to go smoothly. My trip to the airport was a horridly early one and involved figuring out multiple modes of Torontonian transport including the “streetcars” but I made it to the airport and on time.

A rather scary US customs (in the Canadian airport) with very awkward an seemingly unrelated questions about university term dates and some figure printing later I was allowed to head on through to board my plane. I got a little surprise when it got to flight time though. The plane is the smallest I have ever been on and that includes the one I took to Jersey in the Channel Islands earlier in the year. Though it was a tiny plane the air hostess seemed to feel she had to make up for it a big personality. So over the top and to top it all the lane was so small her seat folded down from the back of the cockpit door so she would face us doing take off.

Got somewhat excited by the Delta biscuits

My transfer is at Minneapolis/St John which felt like its own city as I got on the monorail a ten minute journey from Concourse A to Concourse G (that’s a lot of Concourses) . And then a hour later back in the skies on a nice regular sized plane to San Francisco.

So landed, navigated the BART train system which was via rather overly complicated automated ticket machines and found my way to my hostel. Though a lovely characteristic of San Francisco did not not escape my notice even in the three minute walk from the train station to the hostel. San Francisco has a major homeless problem.

I also find out that all the public transport workers are on strike the whole time I’m there which is most unhelpful. San Francisco is also a lot bigger than I anticipated so its impossible to explore far on foot. To walk from the hostel to the Golden Gate Bridge would take well over two hours so I had to find an alternative options and unfortunately the only option is something I loathe – the city tour bus.

Yep. I sold out and am now officially a tourist not a traveller for my stay in San Francisco and it came at some price. $42 for a 48hr hop on hop off ticket but I would definitely be making sure I got my moneys worth!


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