Penguins and Ponies

So our first night on Phillip Island we went to the famous penguins. It was rather cold sitting in the dark waiting for them to come ashore to their little nests but they did eventually pop in to say hello and waddle up the beach despite the many groups of children who didn’t seem to understand the instruction to sit in silence. We sat for a while watching them come ashore before going up to the board walk area which is built over the nests and lets you stand mere inches from them. Sadly the rules are no photos because you might scare the penguins with the flashes but the whole place is light up with spotlights anyway and these bird seem in no way scared of the presence of large groups of people and screaming children. We definitely enjoyed the penguins but had to leave to get our taxi back to our accommodation.

No pictures allowed at the Penguin parade

Where we were staying was a little odd as it was a caravan park which had a little hostel attached. They only had dorms and even though they were advertised as mixed we were separated into male and female dorms. As it turned out breakfast was actually included in the price but no one told us and so we were eating our rubbishy cornflakes while there was plenty of fruit and other goodies free for us.

As well as the penguin parade our three park ticket we had purchased gave us access to a koala sanctuary where we had to test our animal spotting skills and then Churchhill Island Farm. So we headed to the island off the island to see if there was anything interesting to see. We wandered about some old farm buildings and houses and read a little history of the place. There was plenty of animals wandering about including a few Clydesdales and I even got Andrew to reluctantly talk to a pony and feed it some grass but after that we had done everything there was to do.

Trying to spot some seals

We also drove down to Nobby’s Point to try and spot some seals but they seemed to be hiding from us but on walking round the coast a little we found some more penguins hiding under the boardwalks and this time there were no restrictions on photos so we sneaked a few. They were all little fluffy baby ones either hiding in nests or hanging out under the walkways.

Baby penguin we’ve spotted you

Back at base we spent a lot of time getting quotes from rental places in order to hire a car from Melbourne for our next stretch. In hindsight we should really just hired a car from Melbourne before Phillip Island and driven here with it.

Phillip Island was quite nice and we enjoyed the penguins but Andrew ended up not being that fond of our accommodation as it turned out on one night he was attacked by a plague of ants while sleeping and was covered in bites up is legs and all over his feet.

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