A warm welcome to The Tinberry Travels blog.

We’re just about ready to start publishing posts but first, a bit of intro. My name is Kirstin and it will be my stories and online diary entries that you shall be reading through in the upcoming days, weeks and perhaps years to come. My first major travel experience was backpacking around Australia and it is this story you’ll be reading first. As well as my travels, trials and tribulation, along the way you will meet Andrew, my darling man who remained at home but came to visit for a six week stint, my wonderful flatmates who helped make Brisbane my new favourite city, and the various and often colourful characters I met during my year on the road. I hope you enjoy reading The Tinberry Travels as much as I enjoyed the writing and of course the travelling itself.

So let’s get this thing kicked off. I now announce this blog officially open.

The first three entries of The Tinberry Travels will hit your screens on the 25th June 2012.

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