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The Cats of Montenegro


Montenegro is a country filled with rugged landscapes, amazing mountain views and a rich and diverse history….oh and cats. Montenegro has lots of cats. During our week long trip to Montenegro in October one of […]

Montenegro Quick Guide

A Quick Guide to Montenegro


We recently returned from the beautifully sunny and picturesque country of Montenegro. We had spotted a cheap flight deal at the right time of year and just went for it but to honest we hadn’t […]


The Truth About Those Scottish Clichés


Every country has its stereotypes and Scotland is certainly a place with some ingrained character traits when it comes to film and TV. Who hasn’t watched at least some of Braveheart or an episode of […]

Road Trip Movies

Eight Of The Greatest Road Trip Movies


There’s nothing quite like life on the open road. It’s a chance to experience a new destination every day, gain a broad overview of the landscape and enjoy some great tunes as you head down […]